Show 003 – The Ballgame – Jim Evans, Passing of Earl Weaver and Stan Musial

Our third show took place eighteen days before 2013 Spring Training and took place the week that we lost two Hall of Famers in Earl Weaver and Stan Musial. We talked with 28 year MLB Umpiring veteran Jim Evans about the passing of Earl Weaver. Evans recounted some of his favorite Weaver stories and talked about his unique method of arguing with umpires. Later in the show we talked about the legend Stan Musial and his ability to hit without striking out. Finally, we finished the show by opening Greg Pryor’s fan mail. Join us every week live on ESPN 1510 AM in Kansas City for The Ballgame from 4-5 Wednesdays. Also take part in the discussion at or

“Our third show featured @[748275782:2048:Greg Pryor], @[1693418389:2048:Jeff Logan], @[684056924:2048:Chris Kamler] and our terrific sound engineer @[100001501875233:2048:Shane Summers]. Catch the entire episode online at –″

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